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Retail Fabric (ready to ship)

Chameleon - Ready to ship

CCPS Custom fabric & Designs

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Chameleon - Ready to ship
Chameleon - Ready to ship
Chameleon - Ready to ship
Chameleon - Ready to ship


Full scale prints are apron 2.5 - 3 inches per character, MINI is 1 - 1.5 inches.

Fabric is sold by the HALF meter, and is digitally printed.
Choices of fabric bases available are, NOTE colour saturation varies on different bases:
  • COTTON LYCRA knit 220-240gsm (95/5%) Cotton/Spandex WOF is 60"
  • SWIM- UV rated, 220gsm (86/14%) Polyester/Spandex WOF 57"
  • COTTON WOVEN- 150gsm, 100% Cotton, WOF 60"
FLAWS do occur. I will do my best to spot any unreasonable flaws and work around them.
Flaws near the selvage and/or less than a 5c piece in size will be passed through as reasonable. These types of flaws would be small white flecks or spots.

For one meter the order quantity is TWO... 1.5m is THREE...2m is FOUR... and so on.

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